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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Smart Are You?

So, you think you are smart. Researchers found that visual ability to distinguish minor differences are signs of high intelligence. Now that gave an inspiration to do some DALI type of art and also to see how true that research is with my very non-scientific method. Just write put your comment below and tell me what is wrong with the above picture. It is a very well know work of art. Thus, it should be easy to find out what is wrong with the above MONA LISA. But it is very possible that there is nothing wrong with the above picture too. So, take the time to look at it, without researching the original MONA LISA, and then comment on it. Have fun with it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


As usual, I am wasted, and just waking up after a whole day sleeping in the first day of 2011. That should be my new tradition. Okay, that is, my new motto: "Wasted out and unavailable on January 1." So, I kept my resolution alive by not making any resolution and that in turn led me to break the resolution of not keeping any resolution. I see that 2011 will be no different for I have already broken one resolution.

Preparation is Half the Fun!