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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Sharron Angle Going to Represent Nevada?

Is this for real? How did the Tea-baggers voted for this lady? And how can the people from the state of Nevada still be unsure about Sharron Angle? Lady, I know Asian, and you don't look anything like an Asian woman. And in all honesty, if you were Asian, I would be ashame to be Asian. How is this woman tied with Harry Reid? I know that Reid isn't the best person for the job, but are we to say that Angle is more representative of our country or in that matter of Nevada.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday is the Most Segregated Time in the World

True integration is the last frontier for Christianity in this country. We worship an Asian god, a Brown god, a White god but not the True God. The Christian's god is as racist as our Sunday morning is, the True God is a multi-cultural all inclusive God, the True Church confesses with a thousand tongues and not with a single tongue - at least that was I was taught to believe by reading the Christian Scripture. But that isn't what I see, love seems to be too weak to break the reality of segregation on Sunday morning.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Known Battle with Depression

Among Asian-American women, a little known battle with depression | Need to Know

I always find surprising to hear that many Asian-Americans still aren't aware that depression is a great issue for Asian-Americans. Honestly, are we to be surprise about the high number of Asian-Americans suffering from depression? This is not only an issue for Asian-American women but it is also a great issue for Asian men in this country. There are too many pressures with too little support when expectations aren't achieved or met. Most community would be happy to see their children getting in to college, which isn't the case in all Asian-American families. Getting into college is not the issue, but the issue is getting into the right college. The expectation is to get in to the top 20 colleges and universities in this country. But the high, and sometimes impossible, expectations are not merely set by our Asian communities, even colleges expect brilliance from Asian-Americans. It is not enough for Asian-Americans to have a 4.0 GPA with perfect or near perfect SAT scores. The top 5 universities in this country expect much more out of the Asian-American students.

Those pressures are constant. I have friends who are, in all measurements, in top 10 percent in grades but because they haven't got in the top 10 universities in this country, they are consider to be average and "average" is not acceptable in the Asian community - and this is also an issue in the work force for firms too have high expectations. In this reality, Asians are only truly Asians when they are brilliant and anything less is just unacceptable. So, honestly, how can Asian-American women and men not suffer from depression? Negative stereotypes are debilitating but so are positive - or perhaps, more accurate to say distorted - stereotypes. One of my best guy friend, he was this amazing artistic person. He had a great gift with seeing beauty through his camera and through painting on a large canvas. Math and science wasn't his strength and he did poorly in the SAT. The only place he could get in was a community college, a junior college, and an art institute. I believe he would have been an amazing artist. But the mockery and shame were too much and he felt into deep depression. We, his friend, tried to encourage him to seek help. But he never did, and one afternoon he decided to take his own life. This was a preventable tragedy. As an Asian woman, I know both the high and low expectations. In the end, Asian women suffer much more silently because this is another expectation set in by our Asian community.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The new poor in America

The new poor: Baby boomers in the jobless crisis | Need to Know

I hope it "ain't" true, but the reality seems to indicate that the Republican party will win big in this coming election year. At the same time, I am tired of both parties not having the guts to do what is right because of fear from the crazy "Tea-baggers." When did such a small number of crazy-fearmongering-apocalyptic-worshiping-lunatic hijacked truth and reason? Yes, I can understand the anger if the anger was directed at both the Republicans and Democrats for pandering to the big, powerful, and rich Americans, the top 5 percent. If this so-called grassroots movement were electing truly a third party candidates - and Tea-bagger candidates aren't truly third party - then I can see the appeal. But that isn't the case, the Tea-baggers are merely electing the same old Republican agenda which has never been truly implemented - even during Regan's time, there was great tax hike and during W. Bush's time, we had the greatest increase in government bureaucracy. In all honesty, neither of these parties, Republicans nor Democrats, care for the middle class or the poor. But then, the real stupid person is not the person selling us the same old agenda. Nope, the real stupid person is all of us who buy into their message of fear and terror. The Palins and the Becks and the Foxs are the one who hold our country back with their crazy and stupidity narrative. They sell us fear. They sell us hopelessness. They sell us barbarism. Thus, in the end, the real stupid person is us the people for buying into the fearmongering-apocalyptic-lunatic narratives that plague our country. At this rate, I don't want what the so-called "people" want because what they want is irrational-lunatic-racist-divisive-destructive policies. Currently, the so-called "people" are lunatic-bullies. I don't agree with Bill Maher, but he is right to call us, the American people, bullies. Wake-up America! I think don't agree much with Maher's rhetoric but in this case I can't stop saying, "Amen, brother Bill."

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