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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Beauty of Diversity

Most of us are strong supporter of diversity in our country. We defend heterogeneity because it plays an essential role in enriching our human experience. There are also many social and economic benefits in having a very diverse population. Our culture has gained tremendously from having people from all walks of life interact with one another. Their experiences play a vital role in our endeavor to build a more communal community of people.

Perhaps, one area in which most of us overlook the amazing power of diversity is beauty. True, diversity brought us some amazing artistic experience in field of music and visual arts. It also contributed greatly in our scientific knowledge of human reality.

But diversity also brought us, in its most natural and basic sense, human beauty. Through different racial interactions, their sexual interactions gave birth to stunningly beautiful human beings. And because of it, we are much happier and fortunate to have such beauty walking among us and in our midst.

So, let us keep the flame of interracial intoxication alive in our community. Let us fight against ugly racism that still lingers in our society in the form of so-call preference of race. White isn't the standard of beauty. Black isn't the standard of beauty. Brown isn't the standard of beauty. Asian isn't the standard of beauty. Beauty is diversity.

So, begin today by moving out from your comfort zone and experiencing beauty in your most uncomfortable zone. Perhaps, try a Brown flavor or Black or Asian or Red or White flavor. Just try and be open-minded to the possibility of creating beauty.

Peace & Love

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