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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Euphemisms For Breasts

This is by no means an exhaustive tribute to the names, nicknames, and euphemisms that have come to characterize our country chest-fever
Angel Cakes        Double-Whammies      Loaves              PT Boats Apples             Dueling Banjos       Loblollies          Pumpkins Balboas            Dugs                 Love Melons         Rangoons Balloons           Dumplings            Love Muffins        Rib Balloons Bangers            Dunes                Lulus               Rib Cushions Bangles            Ear Muffs            Macaroons           Rivets Bassoons           Eclairs              Mambos              Roundies Baubles            Eggplants            Mammaries           Sandbags Bazongas           Enchiladas           Mammies             Satellites Bazookas           Flapjacks            Mams                Scones Bazooms            Flappers             Mangos              Scoops Beacons            Flesh Bulbs          Marangos            Set Beanbags           Flesh Melons         Maraschinos         Shakers Bebops             Floaters             Marimbas            Shebas Betty Boops        Floats               Mau Maus            Shimmies Big Boppers        Fog Lights           Mausers             Silos Bikini Stuffers    Fried Eggs           Meatballs           Skin Sacks Billibongs         Fun Bags             Meat Loaves         Skooners Blinkers           Gagas                Melons              Smoothies Bombers            Garbos               Milk Cans           Snuggle Pups Bombshells         Gazingas             Milk Fountains      Spark Plugs Bonbons            Gazongas             Milk Shakes         Specials Bongos             Glands               Molehills           Spheres Bonkers            Globelets            Mommas              Spongecakes Boobers            Globes               Mondos              Spuds Boobies            Gob Stoppers         Montezumas          Stacks Boobs              Gongas               Moo Moos            Stuffing Boops              Goombas              Mother Lodes        Sugarplums Bops               Grapefruits          Mounds              Sweater Meat Bosom              Grillwork            Mountain Peaks      Sweater Puffs Boulders           Guavas               Muchachas           Sweet Rolls Bouncers           Gum Drops            Muffins             Tahitis Bra Buddies        Handsets             Mulligans           Tamales Bra Stuffers       Hand Warmers         Mushmelons          Tartugas Bronskis           Headers              Nancies             Tatas Bubbas             Headlamps            Nectarines          Tattlers Bubbies            Headlights           Niblets             Teats Buds               Headphones           Nibs                Tetons Bulbs              Headsets             Nippeloons          Thangs Bulges             Hefties              Nippelos            Thingamajigs Bullets            Heifers              Nippers             Tidbits Bumpers            Hemispheres          Nippies             Titbits Bumps              Hills                Nips                Tits Bust               Hindenburgs          Nodes               Titskis Busters            Honeydews            Nodules             Titters Busties            Honkers              Noogies             Titties Butterballs        Hood Ornaments       Nose Cones          Tomatoes Buttons            Hoohas               Oompas              Tooters Caboodles          Hooters              Orbs                Torpedoes Cannon Balls       Hot Cakes            Ottomans            Tortillas Cantaloups         Hottentots           Padding             Totos Carumbas           Howitzers            Pagodas             Twangers Casabas            Hubcaps              Pair                Tweakers Cha-Chas           Huffies              Palookas            Tweeters Charlies           Humdingers           Papayas             Twin Peaks Chihuahuas         Hush Puppies         Parabolas           Twofers Chimichongas       ICBM's               Pastries            Tympanies Chiquitas          Jawbreakers          Paw Patties         U-Boats Coconuts           Jemimas              Peaches             Umlauts Congas             Jibs                 Peakers             Wahwahs Corkers            Jobbers              Peaks               Waldos Creamers           Jugs                 Pears               Warheads Cream Pies         Jukes                Pects               Water-Melons Cuhuangas          Jumbos               Peepers             Whoppers Cupcakes           Kabukis              Pillows             Wind-Jammers Curves             Kalamazoos           Pips                Wobblers Dingers            Kazongas             Plums               WOngas Dinghies           Kazoos               Pointer-Sisters     Woofers Dingos             Knobbers             Points              Yabbos Dirigibles         Knockers             Pokers              Yams Domes              Kongas               Polygons            Yayas Doodads            Kumquats             Pompons             Zeppelins Doozers            Lactoids             Pontoons            Zingers Doozies            Lip Fodder           Potatoes

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buddha's Apartment

What would be like for Christ to get a taste of his own medicine? Would he react just like the Buddha? That would be a great video.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

FOX News Has No Class!

FOX News is truly redneck. I should know because I'm as redneck as redneck comes so I am an expert on determine whether one is a redneck or not. FOX News is a bona fide REDNECK.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Did Healthcare Bill Become More Enticing?


Once again, an opportunity has manifested itself out that will separate the “haves” and “have-nots” of this great nation. People, as many time before, our forefathers of this great nation have faced many calamities that to this days our nation basks on the good fortune of their unquenchable spirit of progress – of dreaming of a better future for future generations. This insatiable quest of building a better tomorrow was firmly rooted in their belief that each succeeding generations must be more knowledgeable than the previous generations. In that truth, they trusted; in that truth, they built our nation. Thus, we arrive at a point that folly reigns above realistic-sanity of sensible-reason. However, the tide is slowly turning once again. Light is once more breaking through the darkness and uprooting from our good land the weeds of irrational-madness. It is time to march away from idiocy and climb to reach the acme of reason. Now it is not the time to be dissuaded from our course ahead, for the time is now, and now we must progress at a gallant rate to purge those who are attempting to move us backward to the times of our forefathers. They desire this, much to the chagrin of our forefathers. Our forefathers bet at all on progress and it was on that courage that our country was built. Now they want to take away the progress and replace with backwardness. This is the time to take back our nation from these mongers of fear and hate. Vote no to these false prophet of conservatism by voting yes to healthcare reform.

Okay, if that reason isn't good enough, then let me add that if healthcare reform passes and it is signed by President Obama, then we can say goodbye to Rush Limbaugh. Yes, Rush Limbaugh will be leaving our country if healthcare reform passes through Congress and it is signed by the President of our great nation.

Nation, if nothing else, let us pass healthcare reform so as to rid one of the tumors lodged inside of us. The first step to recovery is to face the fact that our tumor has spread and crop up in other parts of our nation. Surgically removing those tumors will not be easy, but thank goodness that we have the best doctors and medical facilities to remove these life-treating tumors. This procedure will be very costly, but by pulling our resources together we can remove our tumors in us. Thus, say yes to healthcare reform. Call, write or go to Washington and march demanding healthcare reform from the Democratic Party.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toyota Revelations May Free Man Jailed for Crash

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If this is true that the fault is with the Toyota car, then the whole notion of innocent until proven guilty is just an ideal that never plays out because humanity cannot but be deeply shaded by our strong emotional reasoning. Law isn't about "facts" but really about the emotional sentiments of a particular context that either personifies to us the emotional reality of the plaintiff or of the defendant. Evidential facts are put forward by all sides, however, in the end, the favorable verdict falls unto those who are able to move the heart. That is, whoever tells the best "fictional" narrative story.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wasteful Charge In Medical Billing

Those medical bills aren't the only problem. Doctors also contribute to the wasteful charge in medical bill. How does one justified a $2500.00 charge for a 15 minutes visitation? All the doctor did is ask: "How are you feeling today?" That was all and that wasn't even 15 minutes. It was more like 5 minutes. Another charge by a different doctor was for $500.00 for a 10 minutes checkup. Okay, you're telling me that that 10 minutes worth of talking and that doctor looking inside the ears costs $500.00. The problem isn't only with insurance companies and hospitals, but also with doctors. That is no way those charges are justifiable.

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