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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

100 Most Searched Women released a list of the most searched women according to data from AOL's search engine over the past year. Anyone looking at this list will be surprised about the overall outcome. But at the same time, this is based on AOL's search engine and not Google--especially if one search on Google search engine without the "Safe Search" on. Still, you will be very surprised to find out that Mandy Moore is the most popular woman on the Web over the last year, according to Asylum. Yes, Mandy Moore!

Monday, October 19, 2009

You Know the Economy is Bad!

When rodent and birds fight over a tasty treat, you know the economy is bad. Apparently, the situation got worse for the chipmunk when more birds circle and peck at the chipmunk's fur. Those vicious Wall-Street vultures can not even leave a bit for our poor chipmunk.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Redskins Anonymous

After this Sunday, the Redskins is hitting another very disappointed season. There is no relieve in sight for the Redskins.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Boy Asks Obama: Why Do People Hate You?

Let us be honest with ourselves. We are racist. This country is still racist. Honestly, we like to believe that we aren't, and I do dream of a day that race is not going to be a factor, however, until that day comes, race is a factor. But kudos for Mr. Obama for being polite like white people, which needs to be called as "white-nice."

Is he really an American?

What is this? What is Glenn Beck doing? A British flag? "The Red Coats are coming!" "The Red Coats are coming!" Does he not know that a full-blood American must at all time wear the flag of our great nation? Okay, it is one thing not to wear our greatest pride, but it is absolutely another thing to be displaying another country flag on one's chest. What is the matter with Beck? Was he not able to find something with Old Glory? Okay, fine, I can accept the fact that Glenn Beck with his some 23 million annual salary could not find something cheaper to wear. Honestly, with that much money, we must all draw the line somewhere. And besides, with that much money, he is just like most American. He truly understands the pain and suffering of many Americans that is why he can speak on their behalf since he knows what it is like to be an average full-blood American. Still, are we to believe that he couldn't find something more American to wear in his closet?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Any Wonder the NHL Is Decline!

No wonder the NHL is in decline, for they don't understand that in the end all sport events are and must be entertaining. This kid understands that he must be an entertainer first and after that he is to be a true skill player.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where Is the Love?

Where is the respect? Oh, I forgot, this is the Cowboys. Yes, the Cowboys, who kept telling the world that this team was going to go deep in the playoff. Well, they got their victory against the Chiefs. That is something to be proud, for they hung in there and fought a brilliant effort against the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, those amazing 0-5 Chiefs. Wow, that is something to be proud. Ain't it?

Friday, October 9, 2009

SNL Spoofs Obama

Well, I guess, Mr. President has something and not nothing. He won the Nobel Peace Prize. Okay, we are all wondering the reasoning for awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize, but regardless of whether we believe he is deserving of the award or not, the bottom line is Mr. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and there is really something. Thus, another skit is in order.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Palin Financial Guru?

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This is the comment on that matter. All I can say in defense of Palin is that she reads lots of magazine like whatever is in front of her and whatever she can get a hold of so as to keep up-to-date with the major economical trends here and abroad–as she so eloquently put it during her interview with those liberal media types, the liking of Katie Couric. Let us not forget, she is someone with high level of foreign policy expertise because of Alaska close proximity to Russia. She can see Moscow from her backward, at least she used to as a governor of Alaska–probably not as up-to-date with her foreign policy matters because she no longer can see Russia from her backward.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

McCain's Trophy Vice

Must confess, I do miss her. SNL's Obama skit ain't as funny as Bush. And without Fey Palin, well, SNL's political skit is kind of flat, even with their latest one of Obama accomplishes nothing. Give us some new material, and hopefully, SNL will find some good stuff in Palin's book. Bring Fey Palin back!!!

Tina Fey on SNL

I know this video is ancient history, but with her new book coming up soon I find it necessary to remind us all of what it could have been if, after Senator John McCain had won the presidency, then for health reason passed away so as to propel Sarah Palin to the Oval Office. Palin as the President.

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