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The Redneck Lifestyle
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are You Stupid?

Okay, I know that not everyone living in our time is living in the 21st century. Without any question, there are many in this country still living with the same fanatical racist world-view that has been prevalent during our dark history of slavery. In someways, racism will always be part of our DNA as long as we as a country aren’t willing to face up our dark and sad history. Not merely providing memorial and a month out of the year to remember our past, but we must face the truth that our past still lives on in our present. This isn’t merely stupid behavior, without a question it was stupid of her to send this via a government line, but the behavior is deeper than stupidity. It is a dormant pandemic that surfaces occasionally and so far this pandemic has not fully maturate to a level of catastrophic outbreak of hate and violence. However, if our current path of brushing aside is taken, then the day will come as the white power becomes less dominant and other power becomes more influential and dominant that there will be an outcry for equality by the white power. This outcry will in turn lead to hate that ultimately will turn into violence that can break us apart.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lakers vs Orland

I know most of us has already crown the LA Lakers as the next NBA champion but if we are to simply consider their cheerleader squad, I am not so sure if LA would win...

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