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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How do you trust someone who can't keep his own finance in order with billions of dollar?

The past few days, most of us have been so high on hope that most have almost overlooked the personnel in our new president’s cabinets. In general, I have a great feeling about our new administration, but then our previous administration has set the bar of expectation so low that anything other than "the Bush doctrine" will make us all happy. This is not to suggest that I have no great hope for the new administration, because I do have great hope. Hence, it was somewhat surprising that our future to be Secretary of Treasure would make “an apparent mistake” of around thirty-thousand dollars of back pay taxes to IRS that he alleged to have been an oversight on his part when he was self-employed. Yes, we all make mistakes but this is the man whom we are going to intrust with some one trillion dollars to fix our economy. I am just wondering if he can’t keep his own finance in orders then I am suppose to trust him that he will keep our one trillion dollar in order. 

Would you place your trust on a financial adviser that can’t keep his own finance in order? Are we to listen to a minister who is morally corrupt preaching to us to be moral human beings? Is a nation who professes to be for human right excuse to be inhumane during times of war (e.g., Guantanamo Bay)? Most likely, all of us would not place our trust in such individuals or countries but somehow we are to trust that this is the best person to entrust our trillion plus dollars.

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