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Monday, December 1, 2008

Why do we, as a nation, award stupidity and mediocrity as excellence?

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of seeing people admiring so-and-so individual simply because so-and-so possesses a certain physical appearance. Yes, there is nothing wrong in wanting so-and-so because so-and-so is extremely hot. But that does not mean that we should award so-and-so just because that so-and-so individual possesses striking physical attributes. Honestly, is beauty an achievement? Nope, because it is merely having the good fortunate to have the correct attributes at the right time and place. Just think about this, a woman who is overweight would currently not fit our present sense of beauty we simply assume without much objection that thin is physically attractive. Now did you know that overweight women were considered beautiful during most of the Renaissance period? This meant that thin women were undesirable. Hence, I ask you again, is beauty an achievement? 

Okay, it is true one can fix oneself up so as to look more attractive. One could go to a plastic surgeon and acquire some good parts to enhance or in some case to completely alter one's look. Wasn't this the premise for "Extreme Make-Over" and "The Swan"? So, is beauty an achievement? Besides, does it improve the world by having another self-absorbed human being wasting our precious resource? Absolutely not! In addition, there is nothing a self-absorbed individual adds the overall good of society. True, it is nice to look at a beautiful person but as the old proverbial saying goes "beauty fades but learning lasts, and the world wanes and becomes vain, but a good name neither becomes vain nor wanes." 

Now I have nothing against beauty that is if it is in its proper context. True, beautiful people are pleasing to the eyes. And yes, most of us would pick the hottest and sexiest partner if we knew that such possibility existed (I know that such opportunity exists for some but for the vast majority of the people hunks and supermodels are out of our league). Okay, there is nothing wrong with having such desires. But there is something strangely wrong to present awards to so-and-so just because so-and-so has the look that is currently desired by many. Okay, so-and-so is extremely hot and sexy but still it does not aid in the overall progression of human evolution. Also, how does awarding so-and-so for his or her beauty going to aid us end world hunger? In addition, what does beautiful people produces to assist in the overall growth of our society? True, they cause much perspiration and some form of grunt noise. However, there is nothing a beautiful person produces to aid the community in large. Clearly, they do not produce ideas to aid in solving many of our current crises. So, in the name of sanity, can we merely look or lust after beauty but stop awarding such attribute as if it some great achievement.

Thank you!

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